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Crafted Wood Creation shelves

Planning, Design, and Building

The start of every successful project is proper planning and attention to detail. During your initial complimentary meeting and site inspection, we listen to your goals, tastes, and budget considerations. We then draft a proposal to provide firm costs, including labor and material, with a supporting drawing, if necessary. Having this information allows you to make informed decisions about your custom carpentry project and expectations.

Those looking for quality construction design and execution find both here with us. All work, whether on-site or in our shop, is performed by a master craftsperson. To ensure the best possible quality, we take on one custom carpentry project at a time without interruption. We are not a production shop, and there won’t be days at a time with no one working on your project. Every proposal has mutually agreeable start and completion dates, and you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Tailored Woodcraft shelves

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Personalized Woodworking staircases

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