About Us

Old Bedford's Origins

Our master craftsman, Len Bauchner, founded Old Bedford Fine Custom Carpentry in 1995. Since then, the business has earned an outstanding reputation for designing, fabricating, and installing affordable and quality projects, including built-in furniture, stairs, railings, and other fine custom woodworking. We’ve made many homeowners happy and can easily do the same for you.

Len graduated at the top of his carpentry construction class at the Tech Center of BOCES in Westchester County. The staff described him as having an “enthusiastic and real love of carpentry and woodworking, achievable in a very short time what others working in the field might never achieve.” Shortly after graduating, he formed the company, which was immediately engaged by Putnam County to renovate a building. After that, clients steadily increased, leading to the successful, established business that Len heads today.

A staircase with wooden work inside the room painted in white, enhancing the room's brightness and modern aesthetic
A TV set up above the fireplace with white wooden shelves on either side, creating a balanced and functional entertainment area

Old Bedford Fine Custom Carpentry has been serving our customers for more than 2 decades, creating built-in furniture, stairs, railings, and other projects. No matter the size of the job, our woodworker in Danbury, CT, is well-equipped to take it on while tailoring his work to your goals, needs, and budget. You can always expect to receive design assistance and a creative build-out that is specific to your project. Since we only take on one customer at a time, you know you’re receiving our full attention.

Our custom carpentry company is licensed in Connecticut (0616008), Westchester County (WC-24639-H111), Massachusetts (166381), and California (940328). Take a look at our portfolio to see how broad our range is and what the possibilities are for your home.